Gola Amol Dairy Products has consciously chosen the slogan “Let’s control the quality of Gla” and announced it to its suppliers, partners and customers. This slogan means:

Invite all suppliers of raw materials to participate in the supply of quality raw materials in accordance with the standards.
Invite all human resources to participate in the production of a healthy product by observing the standards and the customer.
Invite all distribution agents to participate in delivering healthy product to end consumers.
Invite consumers to participate in the ongoing monitoring of Gla products.
We firmly believe that the quality of gla should not be sacrificed for its quantity.
We firmly believe that the improvement of product quality depends on the continuous observance of hygiene and its continuous improvement at all levels of the process of raw material supply, production and distribution.
We firmly believe that by producing a quality product with modern technology and knowledge, in addition to providing consumer satisfaction at home, we can hope to supply it abroad.
We firmly believe that the protection of the planet is the duty of all generations, so Gla is determined to work hard to protect the environment and prevent its pollution.
We firmly believe that following the rules and regulations will help Gla deliver a better product and provide a platform for continuous improvement.
We firmly believe that human resources play a vital role in the production and promotion of quantitative and qualitative products; Therefore, by reducing the safety risk and increasing the level of health of employees along with effective training, the satisfaction of all colleagues can be increased.
In order to achieve the above goals, Gla will establish a quality management system (ISO 9001/2000) and a risk analysis and crisis control system (HACCP), OHSAS and 14001. These systems are reviewed in accordance with the policy in meetings by management.

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